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Majora's Mask


Time is running out.You only have three days untill the moon will fall upon the earth.


Above:The deku tribe who's king doesn't permit people from other tribes in.If you can get through the outer garden entrance and get in the monkeys cage he will teach you the song that lets you enter the woodfall temple.



The three transforming masks:
You get the deku mask when you get the ocarina play the song of time say yes then talk to the happy mask guy and show him your ocarina and he'll teach you a song that transforms you back into human.
The second is acuired by using the lens of truth and find an invisible guy near where the owl talks to you.Follow him and talk to him while using the lens then play the song of healing to him.
The third you get by finding the zora in the water and pushing him back to land and play the song of healing.

giant's mask

Above is the gaint's mask which is found in stone tower after defeating the eyegore gaurding the entrance to twinmold's lair.





Above is Link riding on his horse Epona.You get Epona after you have the ability to use powder kegs.On the first day go to milk road near the entrance to the swamp but go fast because a buzzard gaurds the entrance.In milk road blow up the boulder and go in the ranch.Talk to Romani and she will explain the rest,but make sure you talk to her on the first day before 8:00P.M.

To get a 200rupee drink that will give you inf. magic untill you go back in time do this.Save up 200rupees then go to the milk bar after 10:00pm while wearing Romani's Mask.Then talk to the man behind the counter ask for a drink and you can buy the drink which is called cheateu romani.

To get the gilded sword go to the man that sharpens your sword have him sharpen it for 100 rupees then give him the gold dust and you'll get the sword.To get gold dust go to the goron racetrack in the same 3 day period that you defeated goht(you can do it more than once)and win the race.

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