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Getting back your Ocarina

When you first get control of the game the skull kid has just stolen your Ocarina and your horse and has ran off. Follow the trail until you get to the cave. In the Cave the skull kid will turn you into a Deku Scrub. Then you’ll be left with one of the Skull Kid's fairies. The go to the door and open it and ther will be another cave. In the cave stand on top a flower and press and hold A and when your in the flower you aim then release A and the flower will propell you upward and you will be gliding. Glide to the closest island and press A when your just over it and you’ll land on it. you will have to repeat this until you’re at the end of the cave. After a little more traveling you’ll enter the clock tower and there you’ll find the Happy Mask Sales Man. Listen to him then go through the big doors and you’ll be in clock town. Then you have untill night to explore the town .Then at night go to your front-right if your facing the clock tower. Go through the first doors(well they’re not actually doors).Inside that area of the town you should find a fairy as long as it’s night. Here should be a flower you can burrow in and get shot out of.Use the flower to hit the fairy and it’ll tell you to take it to North Clock Town where the great fairy lives. Or you can get it during the day right when you enter clock town by going straight and then right from where you enter then game. You should be in the laundry pool. In there a fairy will be hover over then water. Since you’re a Deku Scrub you can hope over the water to reach the fairy. Go back through the doors and when you’re through them turn right then straight then to your next right.You should be in North Clock Town. Go to the only cave you can see and go inside. Go in the water then the fairy that you found earlier will leave you and the Great Fairy will return herself to one piece. As a reward she will give you a magic spell that allows you to shoot bubbles when you press and hold “B”. Exit the Fairy’s Fountain and then use your bubble to pop the balloon outside that the kid with the blowgun is trying to pop. Talk to the kid and then he'll have you find all of the kids before sunrise. Two kids are in north Clock Town, Two in east Clock Town, and One in West Clock Town. To make them stop runing hit them with a bubble then run up to them.Then they will tell you the code to get in there secret spot in East Clock Town. Go in the secret spot by telling the kid gaurding it the password. Go in and find your way to the man with the Telescope. Talk to him and he'll let you look through the telescope. Zoom in on the Skull Kid and then the game will make you look at the moon. You'll see the moon drop the moon's tear and then you can walk out the door in that room to get the Moon's Tear.Then go back inside and exit the kid's secret spot. The go to the Deku Flower in South Clock Town and give the Deku Merchant the Moon's Tear.In exchange he'll give you his flower. Use the flower to fly onto the ledge above where you entered Clock Town. From there you have to wait untill midnight of the final night so the doors to the Clock Tower Will open! Then, when the doors to the clocktower open you go up them to meet the Skull Kid. Hit him with one of your bubbles and he will drop the ocarina. Run over and pick it up and you'll go into a flashback secquence. During the flashback sequence you'll learn the "Song of Time". Then pull out your ocarina and it will become the Deku Pipes because you're a Deku Scrub. Play the "Song of Time" and say yes you do want to save and go back to the dawn of the first day.

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