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Ocarina of Time: The first adventure of Link. *spoilers included* The story goes as follows: Link is a small forest boy(Kokiri) who has no fairy. One day Link dreams of a dark man on a horse chasing Princess Zelda. He is awoken by a fairy(Navi) sent to him by the forest gaurdian(The Deku Tree). The Deku Tree tells link that the dark man Link dreamed about wanted the sacred treasure(The Triforce) hidden in a realm closely connected to Hyrule(Sacred Realm). The Triforce would grant whoever touches it whatever they wished for. The Dark man had put a curse on the Deku Tree and you had to go into the tree to stop the curse. After you come out you learn your two late, and with his last breath the Deku Tree gives you his green spirit stone, which would help unseal the sacred realm. Link then must leave the forest to save Hyrule, and his journey begins....

Walkthrough(a guide to the game[probably will NEVER be finished cause I'm lazy])-
First you must find a sword and sheild. As you look around the forest area you will see a fence, with some rocks and grass inside. There is also a small hole link can crawl through. Crawl through and dodge the boulders. Your sword is in the chest. Go back through the hole, cut grass and throw rocks to get rupees. Go into houses for the grass to reappear. After you have 80 rupees, go to the shop(a red roofed building with a girl on top who speaks to you when you go near, and you can buy the sheild inside. Leave and go talk to the person called Milo to see the Deku Tree. He'll let you through now that you have a sword and shield. Talk to the deku tree. Go into the Deku Tree.
Links Legacies