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The Legend of Zelda is a long tale of a hero(or heroes) named link going through various quests, some involving Zelda(the princess of the land of hyrule[link's homeland]), and some not... Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and Soul Caliber II are all games that I have with Link in them. OOT,MM,and WW are games developed by Nintendo where you play as link and your battles are in the same world as everything else. Each of these games has dungeons that you have to go through to win. Link carries a sword and a sheild and battles various enemies. Soul Caliber II is a fighting game in which the gamecube version features Link. Nintendo claims each Zelda game features a different Link, all descendants from the first?, but most think that many of the games can share the same Link.
The stories of the Zelda Games are oddly intertwined and noone truly knows which game story happened before the others.

Ocarina Of Time
The story goes as follows: Link dreams of an evil man trying to catch princess Zelda. Link is awoken by a fairy. He is a kokiri boy, who finnally got a fairy. He must same the deku tree from the curse of the evil man, then he has to rescue the princess and defeat the evil one(Ganondorf). Most agree this game is the first in links storyline because all other games seem to reference back to it.

Majora's Mask
The story goes as follows: After saving Hyrule, links travels to Termina, where a stalchild(controlled by an evil mask) is going to bring the moon down onto Termina. Most agree this is second in the storyline.

Wind Waker
The story goes as follows: Link is an island boy, whos sister is kidnapped by a giant bird. He has to save his sister, and he realises*SPOILER* Ganondorf*/SPOILER* was behind kidnapping her.

Soul Caliber II
The story goes as follows: Link has traveled to the land the holds the Soul Edge, because it is causing bad things to happen in Hyrule. An evil magician attacked Hyrule, and after Link defeated in he travels to the SC world to destroy the Soul Edge.
Links Legacies