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Old News-

September 18, 2003-
YAY! I know have a computer in my room! That means I can work on my site a lot more and the updates could be bigger and better. I think my first project is making the site faster to use, and updateing the topbanner(not the ad). Remember to tell me what you want at the bottom of the page. YOU DON'T have to fill anything out except for that form at the bottom. I might make a crude message board sometime, just to post notes and stuff to me or other ppl who come to my site... The old news link should now be featured at the bottom of the site, I might put it in the top banner(not the ad) later.

September 17, 2003-
Most of the things I'm doing are being done at school, so no major changes(such as less ads) for a while. For some reason I can't draw heads or feet in anime very well, I'm slowly getting it from my books though. A new music section might be up soon. The Zelda section should be up soon also, when I get on the computer at home... I also think I have a small layout Idea. Just come back at least once a week, I'm trying my hardest to get stuff done.... (Too much school work). I'll probably NEVER abandon this site though. Old news page-
Old NEwS
September 10, 2003(modified september 17)-
I think I'm gettnig fairly good at anime drawing, but I haven't concentrated on it much since I can't scan my pics onto my computer. I am gettting really annoyed with the ads on tripod.... But, I guess I'll just deal with them. Well anyway, Please just type what you want me to change into the textfeild, I don't know what things you people want me to add first. I WILL try to do whatever you ask me to do before I do anything ELSE. If you have been writing things there and not getting through email me at K_O_P_F_1_9_8_8_@Ho_TM__AIL.CO_M please, ignore all the underscores.!

August 15,2003-
Ok, I lied the new links is up not much different. The flash game will take longer than i thought. I'll add an old news page eventually, but for now it'll just be purged. Remember TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! I think this form works now!
What do YOU think of my site, and what should I update first?

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August 2,2003-
I have 6 how to draw manga series books, and I think I'm getting better. I should have some pics for the gallery soon... The new banner and links probably won't be up a soon as I thought. I AM WORKING ON AN AWSOME FLASH GAME! It's a simulation of part of someone's life, more story details later(don't wanna spoil the game). The graphics could be better but.... It should be done in a month or less(I hope).
Message replies- Arthur, I'll link to ya as soon as I get to it....(maybe even today).

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