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Sunday, July 30th, 2006-
Welcome Online! I actually have a new layout online, but I really want you to check out my business website! Visit us at Game Central. Don't forget to check us out

November 20, 2003-
'Sup! Still working on my games.... hopefully I can get some of the cool games I'm working on up....

November 12, 2003-
I haven't forgotten!!! I've just been busy working on a gaming site called Chrono Games! Eventually I'm going to have lots of games on it, but that'll be a while. Also I've got a new layout for Chrono Games(not put up yet....), and I might use it(or something similiar) here eventually. I might update here a little today and then I'll be working on Chrono Games again. I really need to update the layout there and fix some minor bugs. Oh, and I haven't been able to update or do any major work from the computer in my room, because I still need to network them together... Thanks for visting and come back again!.

September 19, 2003-
New topbanner's up. Its nice. My next project is probably the music.... The about page might be later.

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