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  Runescape on The 5th Demension

Ok here is a bunch of Random hints and tips about Runescape that are in no particular order.
-1k is equal to 1000 gold coins
-Dragon > Rune > Addmantine > mithral > black > steel > iron > bronze
-If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't.
-Be courteous to other players, if you are ranging and they don't want you to then don't range their monster. If you are in the darkwizards circle south of varrock, and someone is standing between two pillars, don't try to steal the wizard that spawns(appears) between those pillars.
-Be careful in the wilderness, check your map often, and don't trust anyone that can kill you.
-for more info goto Tip.it
-my RS name is kopf1988, duh. If you need help just ask but I don't give free stuff unless YOU find me and I just 'happen' to have cheap things that I'm willing to give you at the same time. Make sure to tell me you learn my RS name from my site! Oh, and if this helps you, feel free to give me free stuff :P.
-Jagex staff wil NEVER ask for your password
-Try not to curse or swear, occasionally is Okay, but if you over-do it you could get banned
-Don't use an easy-to-guess password.
-It is good to become a member, Jagex has made such a great game for free, PAY THEM! Besides there is 2 to 3times more things to do when you are a member.
-Don't think you will ever *beat* the game. That isn't possible, just because you have super good stats doesn't mean you're the best. so called *good* players are players who give back to the game, not stingy bastards.