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Zelda Quiz.

How much do you know about Zelda?

Click on a circle with your mouse. Scroll down for the next question.

1. Who is Keetan?

    A fox spirit
    A fairy
    A zora
    The Fierce Deity's real name

2. What are some of the weaknesses of a Goron?

    Fire,Ice,Falling of a cliff(not while goron rolling)
    Water,Falling of a cliff(not while goron rolling)
    Hot Lava,Ice

3. In Oracle of Seasons and Ages who caused Veran and Onox to try to take over?

    The Deku King?
    Princess Zelda
    The Great Moblin

4. In Majora's Mask what are the 3 transfoming masks?(excluding the Fierce Deity)


5. What does Chateu Romani do for Link?(untill he goes back in time)

    Gives him infinit health
    Gives him infinit magic
    Reduces the amount of damage he takes from enemies
    Let's him shoot beams from his sword


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